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Welcome to municator. Enterprise Network Solutions Since 1964

New Ceiling, Omni and Flat Panel Antennas Perfect for Growing 5G Applications

L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand and a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, has introduced a new line of low-PIM rated, ceiling, omni and flat panel antennas to address the latest 5G network deployments where high-performance along with low-PIM ratings are a requirement.

L-com's new antennas are perfect for use in indoor distributed wireless networks where support of sub-6 GHz 5G, LTE, FirstNet or other telecommunication networks are required. With multiple options for form factor, connector count and connector type, a full wireless network deployment can be achieved using these new antennas to reliably cover an entire building with high quality Wi-Fi/cellular service.

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100% Uptime Guaranteed on Hosted Voice, UC and SIP Trunking Services

Broadvoice®, a provider of hosted voice, unified communications (UC) and SIP trunking services for businesses, announced that it's offering business customers using its voice over IP (VoIP) services a 100 percent uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) as part of its commitment to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

"Our business customers count on us for their communication needs -- not most of the time, but all of the time," said George Mitsopoulos, Chief Product Officer for Broadvoice. "A 100 percent SLA backs up our commitment to delivering a stable, secure and reliable network for customers of our hosted voice, UC and SIP trunking services."

As part of the new SLA, Broadvoice voice customers can request credits for service disruption or degraded service levels.

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Partnership Enables Automated Network Slicing for Increased Flexibility and Control Across 5G Networks

Itential® has partnered its automation platform with Kaloom's edge networking software to deliver innovative networking and automation capabilities for communication service providers and enterprises shifting to 5G networks. Together, both platforms will now offer customers the ability to integrate, automate, and deploy network slicing intelligence. Customers will become better equipped to unlock the monetization of 5G through automation, network slicing, and virtualized network fabrics connected to the cloud.

"For operators to extract returns on their massive 5G investments, they need the means to offer and charge for differentiated services," said Roy Chua, Principal at AvidThink, a research and analyst firm. "However, many operators worldwide are struggling to put together the underlying end-to-end infrastructure that can power these offerings. Kaloom and Itential's partnership couples an agile network automation solution with a flexible network fabric, enabling network operators to bring such services to market much faster."

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BICSI to Host In-Person and Virtual Fall Conference & Exhibition in Vegas

BICSI is in full-throttle mode registering enterprising professionals for its Fall Hybrid Conference & Exhibition, an unprecedented industry event to be held August 22-26 at The Venetian Resort/Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Information and communications technology (ICT) professionals from around the world will gather in person in Las Vegas or online via a virtual platform.

This year's conference includes more than 35 industry leading presentations covering all areas of ICT including: smart cities, intelligent buildings, Internet of Things (IoT), Power over Ethernet (PoE), data centers, audiovisual technologies, optical fiber, passive optical networks (PON), wireless, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and more.

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Smart Switch Achieves Network Interoperability and Integration Faster than Ever

Moxa has added the SDS-3016 Series of industrial smart Ethernet switches to its product family. The new SDS-3016 sports: Gigabit uplink, eight additional ports, and an easy-to-configure Industrial Automation (IA)-profile that allows automation engineers to quickly process the increasing amounts of data generated within smart manufacturing industrial environments, and to help them achieve network interoperability and integration faster than ever before.

The new smart switch was specifically designed for IA engineers and automation machine builders. It only includes the functions IA engineers and automation machine builders need, and importantly, does not require them to have IT-based network management skills. The SDS-3000 Series is the ideal product for today's manufacturing industry, especially for machine builders who are embracing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.

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Built-for-5G Fast Data Platform May be Key for Future Network as a Service (NaaS)

Network virtualization is heralding a new age of real-time, event- and data-driven intelligence that requires handling complex decisions leading to automated operational optimization at the speed, scale, and precision that 5G demands. Network as a Service (NaaS) has emerged to address some of these core challenges.

For enterprises, NaaS is an opportunity to free up in-house resources to focus on running and scaling business operations without having to worry about the underlying networking functionality. It also immensely improves the employee experience and makes their teams more productive and collaborative.

5G and Industrial IoT, with their proliferating smart device connections, distributed workloads, and ultra-low latency demands, will play a vital part in accelerating NaaS deployments. 5G's predictable single-digit millisecond-latency, capacity to support 1 million devices per square kilometer, and network slicing capability make it an ideal platform to deliver NaaS.

The team at VoltDB -- a built-for-5G fast data platform -- offers unique insight into the future of NaaS.

Industry's First Modular, Portable 5G RF Spectrum Analyzer Makes Network Testing Faster and Simpler

EXFO Inc. has introduced the 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer, the only modular, field-focused radio frequency (RF) testing solution providing accurate visibility into 4G/LTE and 5G NR environments with the ability to analyze FR1(sub-6 GHz) and FR2 (mmWave) bands using a single, field-upgradeable solution.

The 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer strikes the right balance between functionality and portability in a compact design that delivers accurate RF over-the-air (OTA) measurements. Designed with simplicity in mind it enables field techs and contractors to easily identify and resolve issues and close out jobs faster.

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Supply Chain and Safety Risk Management Technology Reduces Lost Workdays by 40% to 70%

Avetta® analysis of tens of thousands of suppliers in numerous industries worldwide shows companies that use the Avetta Connect™ Platform reduce the number of safety incidents and lost workdays by 40% to 70% compared to industry averages.

Heavy industries have seen huge improvements in safety when using Avetta's supply chain risk management technology. Telecom, engineering, steel, manufacturing, energy and other industries saw up to 70% reduction in Total Recordable Incidents Rate (TRIR) and Lost Workday Case Rate (LWCR) compared to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) averages.

"Our holistic approach to supply chain risk management includes innovative technology, embedded best practices and guidance, IT systems integrations, leveraging millions of data points from our network for advanced insights," said Arshad Matin, Avetta President and Chief Executive Officer.

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New SMS and Voice Automation Features Help Small Businesses Communicate

VOXOX, a 5G-enabled, AI communications platform for businesses, has released new user interface and product features that further enhance their easy-to-use SMS and voice automation solutions. With a brand new UI/UX, VOXOX has simplified virtual voice and SMS for small businesses, putting both voice and text product offerings on one all-inclusive app with a short two-minute onboarding experience.

VOXOX's Virtual Receptionist solution allows businesses to automatically answer, route and manage calls. with support in over 30 languages. VOXOX has also created automations so callers can opt-in to receive automated text messages with relevant information such as business hours and promotional links or coupons.

"Our new navigation, branding, and user interface are another leap forward in helping small businesses connect with their customers more often and more effectively," states Cleve Adams, CEO of VOXOX.

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